I feel so lucky to have found Kacia. She is an incredibly smart, motivated and hardworking woman- I have seen her create her own business from scratch and watched as she continually strives to improve herself and what she offers to her clients. I have been training with Kacia for over two years now, and not a day has gone by where I didn’t feel supported, encouraged, challenged and motivated. Kacia has the innate ability to challenge her clients, elevating them both physically and mentally while always making sure they feel successful. Not a session has gone by where I didn’t know that Kacia truly cared about my physical and mental well-being. She has a personal investment in her clients- both clients she trains and her kids in GirlFit. I have heard her speak about the students in GirlFit with such excitement, and I am continually impressed and inspired. 

There is no question that my body has become leaner, healthier and more toned as a result of training with Kacia. She absolutely gets results. However, even more important than that, is the confidence and self love I have cultivated about myself, which is a direct reflection of Kacia’s influence. (Also, let’s be honest, she’s just plain fun to hang out with three times a week.) 


I have been a client of Kacia’s for four years and couldn’t be more pleased with her results-oriented, customized approach to fitness.

Simply put, she will listen to you…she will understand what’s important to you…what motivates you…and she will use that knowledge to help you achieve your goals.
Kacia really does have a sense for what works for a woman’s body.  I have worked with trainers who liked the idea of seeing how much I could lift or squat even though that wasn’t the best idea for what I was trying to achieve; I have worked with trainers who thought I needed a drill sergeant approach even though if they had gotten to know me, they would have learned I am fairly self-motivated.  
Bottom line, they didn’t get me at all. 
With Kacia, it’s all about you – your goals, your personality, your life. I think that’s why I have always kept Kacia part of MY life…
Through a surgery, a pregnancy and even a move to San Francisco, she has always done whatever she could to keep me looking and feeling lean, healthy and strong


I have been working out my entire life, trying different diets, magazine workouts, videos and more, and for the first time I am happy with my result.  I owe this to Kacia’s 12 week Online Fitness and Nutrition program. I can’t believe how my body changed even after the first few weeks,  it was amazing. I lost 2 inches in my waist after 3 weeks.

I checked in with Kacia every two weeks and she made new adjustments to my diet/workouts to accomplish my personal goal. She helped me understand how my metabolism works, and precisely what I needed to eat to lose fat and gain muscle.

More than the physical aspects of the program, it was a great way to learn about my body. By the end of the 12 weeks you will not only be a new person physically, but you will be living a new healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend changing your life with Kacia’s Online Fitness Program. 


I have been a fitness fanatic for 15+ years and I am always looking for new workouts and meal plans to try out. I came to Kacia after being in a bit of a slump. I was working out 5-6 times a week and felt I had plateaued. After seeing some of the workouts that she posted on instagram, I knew she was definitely someone who could put together a fitness plan that would challenge me and take my body to the next level. I opted to do the 8 week plan and it was worth every penny. The workouts left me feeling dead tired and extremely sore, but excited for the next one.

Even though I was an online client, Kacia was also always available for me to ask her questions about the diet and would also check in on me to see how I was doing. She also “revamped” my workouts every two weeks, so I never got bored. I highly recommend her as a trainer and nutrtion coach. She is always up to date with all the hot new workouts and diets and is constantly testing out things to bring to her clients. I cannot wait to sign up for round 2!


When my fiancé approached me about hiring Kacia as an online personal trainer for the two of us I was skeptical at first. As a 29 year old athletic male who regularly went to the gym, participated in local sport rec leagues, and logged 22 miles per weekend on my road bike I wasn’t sure of the value that Kacia could add to my routine. Within the first week of my personalized program I knew we had made the right decision. It did not take long for Kacia to dissect the weak points in our daily exercise and diet trends. Her workouts were challenging, diverse, focused, and most importantly – garnered immediate results that you could see in the mirror at night. She was able to quickly create a diet plan that allowed for my fiancé and I to eat much of the same foods while controlling our individual portions to suit our fitness needs.

After only 6 weeks of participating in Kacia’s program I can see definite results that I was not and would not have been able to achieve on my own. My fiancé and I are living a healthier lifestyle because of her help and I would recommend her services for males or females at any level of fitness capability looking to achieve new goals. Thanks Kacia!


Kacia is a true professional and expert in the subject of nutrition and fitness. When I was in college, I ran cross-country for a D-1 University and got injured causing me to gain about 25lbs that I was never able to take off. After a meeting with Kacia, she was able to determined that I had screwed up my metabolism, probably thrown my hormones out of wack, and needed some guidance as to what specific workouts I needed to do to get the results that I wanted. Kacia, was able to design a custom nutrition and workout plan that allowed my metabolism to perform at optimal levels, regulated my hormones (which helped tremendously in the fat burning stage) and designed a fitness plan that is getting me the results that I want… firm glutes, smaller waist, more toned arms. I cannot recommend her enough. I respect her fully, as she practices what she preaches… just look at her body.
I have had my ups and downs and definitely cheated in some weeks. In 6 weeks I have gotten these results and I am glad I made the investment. Can’t wait to continue this journey with you Kacia! Thanks a ton!