The transformation method incorporates a deep understanding in endocrinology, holistic nutrition (calculated in macronutrients), and exercise programming specific for each individual body. The common belief has been that if one just increases their activity level and reduces their caloric intake then the perfect body can’t help but manifest. It is time we moved beyond this “flat earth” theory of weight loss, which approaches the human body as if it were simply a machine. People are complex, living, physical, mental, and emotional beings. All of these components factor in to reaching optimal health and sustainable weight loss.

Male or female, our hormones control everything from the energy we have when we wake up in the morning, to how well our body can break down and absorb food. Among many other functions, these chemical messengers control the way our skin looks, our ability to think clearly, satiety levels when eating, and whether or not we will lose those last five pounds.  Needless to say, when our biological factors are not working as one dynamic system, we tend to lose balance in many aspects of our life. Often times this will lead to weight loss resistance, health concerns, and disease. The transformation method will not only assist you in reaching your desired body composition, but will also help you create a hormonal balance through discovering how to nourish your body with the foods that it desperately needs and craves. Rather then eliminating your current diet completely, this method incorporates delicious alternatives and helps you find a balance in eating both the foods you love, and the food your body needs.

Exercise programming is truly designed based on body type, fitness level, and personal goals. The method focuses on creating metabolic changes within the body that maximize fat burning and muscle toning with the minimum amount of stress on the body as possible. By continuously altering all variables that cause muscular adaptation, my metabolic based exercise and diet progressions produce incredibly fast results.

Understanding that everyone is on their own unique journey to a healthy and happy life, my transformation method is designed to help you tap into your best physical, mental and emotional health. I truly believe that when we live in partnership with our body, we have access to an innate power to create positive change in our life and the world around us. As you apply this method into your lifestyle, your health will become the platform upon which you can design and lead a life of intention, passion, and purpose.

Why Online Training?

The fitness world has become confusing, overwhelming, and a money-making scheme. Because of this, I want to share my expert knowledge and holistic methods of weight loss and body transformation in a way that is easy, affordable, and incredibly personal for each individual.

I created this system because I have come to learn that the successful results of my clients do not just come from the hours spent with me in the gym, but rather the progressive program design in which I guide them through. By following my custom made workout and nutrition plans designed for your body, you will get the very same results (on your own time and schedule), as you would working with me one on one. Every plan is made to fit your nutritional preferences, time schedule, and overall lifestyle.

Each program offers a different experience with one goal in mind; giving you the most personalized experience available in the industry. The packages are internet-based so you can be absolutely anywhere in the country and still receive my personal attention!

This is where the journey begins, to take your body, mind, and health to the next level.