5 REAL Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a word that we throw around with distaste, blame, jealousy, and sometimes even pride. It is the mystery mechanism that allows some people to eat pizza and ice cream and be lean-mean-machines and others to be stuck in mega corpulent fat-zone while nibbling on kale and sweet potatoes. But what do we really mean when we are talking about metabolism and is it actually possible to get a better one? In a casual… Read more »

As A Woman: This Is Why I Don’t Lift Heavy

I have trained a crazy number of women throughout my career. One of the first questions that I ask a new client is “What do you want your body to look like?” I would say that ninety-nine percent of the time I hear “toned muscles but not bulky.” The second most common phrase I hear from girls -“in the past when I lifted heavy weights I felt like I bulked up”. Let me repeat this… Read more »