Change – The tool you might be missing


blog 1 photoLet’s talk about changing your body. Let’s talk about losing body fat and sculpting the physique that you have always dreamed of because this is what you truly want. It is the reason why you bust your butt in the gym each week, read multiple health magazines for the newest workouts, and listen to experts speak over and over about the easiest and most efficient way to get a flat belly. Yet with all this hard work attained and so called intelligent information at your fingertips, there is something stopping you from getting remarkable results. What are these experts forgetting to tell you?

As an educated fitness professional, I want to be flat out honest with you. CHANGING YOUR BODY IS NOT EASY. If losing weight was as simple as not eating carbs past 7pm, or taking green coffee bean extract and magically waking up ten pounds lighter, then we would not have an obesity epidemic that is plaguing this nation. But the truth is, living a healthy lifestyle in this carnival style world is a daily struggle for almost all of us. So right now lets stop looking for the easy way out and start working with the tools that we do have to get you the results that you want!

That being said, I want to reveal to you the one tool that I feel is the most valuable and underused when it comes to diet, exercise, and getting results. CHANGE. Yes, this simple concept, when applied correctly will miraculously speed up the process of any kind of physical transformation. Let me explain. Our bodies are so incredibly efficient, the extremes that they go to in order to keep a constant homeostatic level is mind blowing. If the core temperature of the body gets too hot, you sweat to rid yourself of excess heat. If core temperature gets too cold, you shiver to generate more heat. If blood glucose drops too low, your body reduces glucose use in the muscles to maintain glucose supply to the brain. So you get the point, when it comes to exercise and caloric intake, the body responds in a similar manner by resisting change to keep every function of your body running smoothly. For this reason, you have to make changes just big enough to cause a physiological response


Possibly you are that person that goes to the gym, gets on the elliptical for 30 minutes, and then roams to the free weight section, grabs 10lbs and goes through your engrained arm series of lifts? Then you wonder why after three weeks you are not seeing the results that you want? No problem. Let’s talk about the variables that you can CHANGE in order to see some quick results in a matter of days/weeks.

· Add intervals: 30s, 60s, 90s. Try adding quick walks or sprints in between your circuits to shock your body and get your heart rate up. If you are new to exercise don’t let this intimidate you. Even an add in incline or resistance can have the same effect as a sprint

· Increase time and frequency: Instead of hitting the gym 3 times this week. Add an extra day. That extra energy that you are using will add up quickly

· Add repetitions: If you are stuck in the 10-12 rep range try dropping the weight for your last set and doing 25 reps. Another option is spending 2 weeks in the low rep range, 2 in the high and progressing the weight appropriately

· Add weight: If you have the proper form down, don’t be afraid to add some extra weight. Unless you are eating a surplus of calories you are not going to add on much muscle mass.

· Add isometric holds: This concept is not used enough! When holding a motion at its toughest concentric position you are able to recruit more muscle fibers, allocating more of a response from your body.

· Try new exercises: New exercises are key. If you haven’t yet, check out my Youtube channel with over 200 How-To demos of exercises for FREE!


Now that you have the workout change down, lets quickly touch on this concept of change in your diet. Perhaps you are that person that changed your diet, lost 4 or 5lbs and refuse to try anything else because what you did worked last week so of course it will keep working. NEWS FLASH. Your body is now running smoothly on your new 1500-calorie diet and has adjusted its energy demands appropriately, meaning you are no longer at an energy deficit and losing weight. This is where you need to be strategic in changing some variables. I do nutrition plans based on macronutrients so that when this happens it just takes a few shifts in lowering protein intake, increasing fat etc., to keep you satisfied while still eating less. Another trick is to add an extra day of interval training or simply a change in your workouts so that you won’t even have to keep subtracting energy consumption. I will discuss more strategies in my future blogs.

So now that you understand that your body needs constant CHANGE in order to keeping changing, go on and apply these tools to get the remarkable results you might have been missing!

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